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August 2, 2010 | Filed Under Movies 

American Psycho-  Christian Bale…because he’s a great  Character Actor. Played a mass murder really well. And loves Phil Collins !
Inglorious Bastards- I love comedies , I loved the graphic nature and the dialog and different languages spoken.

Note Book – just a down right sweet love story every girl wants. More true to life

Knocked Up- really just a down right funny movie. It really sort of brings the truth out in situations like that, just funnier.

Step Brothers- Will Ferrel is amazing at improve. The story line is great.

Gigantic- tho I’ve only seen this movie twice, it’s also one of the sweet romance movies that I found I liked

Zombie Land – the gore ! Bring on the gore !

Pineapple Express – once again, dialog and story line is great.

Fourth Kind – true story movies are absolutely best. Especially when they’re scary ! Had me on the edge of my seat.

Delores Claybourn- I remember watching this movie when I was younger. Great actors and actresses for the part, really made it good. I love a movie with actors that fit the part perfectly !
If I were to name my all time favorite Movie Comedy, it  would be Spaceballs, Mel Brooks. Comedic Genius.

Not really into many ‘Romance Movies’. Romance Comedies, yes… such as… Knocked up, Juno, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Play List, Ugly Truth……I find many romance movies are really not true-to-life. I don’t include Note Book in that,  which I though was very well ‘thought out’.

Horror Movies I love.,,,, Evil Dead, Resident Evil. Werewolf Movies. Vampire Movies. The Old Classics. (Thought the Exorcist was comedy but ‘Beyond The Door’ scared the be’jeezes’ out of me.) I once saw part of the Famous ‘Faces of Death’… Yup,turned that right off.  Mom warned me…lol

Horror Comedies.. Shaun Of The Dead, Zombie Land, Dawn Of The Dead.. Fearless Vampire Killers..  Again, the Old Classics.
I like lots of blood and Guts. Troma Movies are the best. So many to name… love Lloyd Kaufman, one of my favorite Troma Movie Makers. Tromatized: Meet Lloyd Kaufman!!!!  Class Of Nuke ‘Em  High!

There are so many I could name…So many I don’t know about but I’m sure I will list them as I find them.  I have my mom to thank for my love of Movies, Blood and Guts.. Horror… which she got from her mother….. and from Dad, comedies and a few Westerns.

Right now my favorite Actors are Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. They have been in most of my favorite movies. Katherine, cause she can do both serious and comedy with all her clothes on.  Gerard Butler, because he looks good with Katherine.

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